Maori Flax Weaving Tutorial


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How to weave a basket / kete

 How to weave a basket video

How to weave a basket video two

How to weave a basket video three

Learn how to weave a traditional flax Maori Kete or basket using a takitahi technique (one over, one under). The subscription fee for each instruction is $40.00 New Zealand dollars for 30 days.

Video's come in three parts:

  1. Preparing the flax
  2. Weaving the basket
  3. Finishing the basket

How do I get started? 

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  3. Subscribe to the lesson and follow the payment instructions. Transactions are secure via
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What Will You Need?

  1. Weaving tools
  2. At least 72 strips of flax used here to make this kete. larger and more strips of flax  will make a larger kete and even number of strips is required 

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